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Winchester Gun Wash Synthetic Safe Cleaner

Winchester Gun Wash Synthetic Safe Cleaner

Product Code: GW-007-089

Winchester® Synthetic Gun Wash is specially formulated to clean today’s firearms without having to worry about harming the actual gun material or the design imprinted on the gun. CANNOT BE SOLD IN CALIFORNIA

Recommended for: Rifles, Shot Guns, Pistols, Revolvers, Bolt Lever Actions,
Gun Parts Trigger Assemblies, Extractors/Ejectors Firing Pins, Safeties, Gas Pistons, Crane Assemblies, Cylinder Assemblies, Receivers Actions, Magazines Gas Ports, Chambers, Barrels, Choke Tubes, Barrel Threads, Slide Actions, Automatic Parts, Air Guns Single Shot Parts, Breech Mechanisms, Muzzle Loaders, Air Rifles, Hand Guns


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