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Bullet Alloy Composition

In contrast to muzzle loading balls and bullets which should be cast out of pure soft lead, all bullets at Meister Bullet and Ammunition Company are cast from a hard lead alloy.

In general we can say, the higher the velocity of a bullet, the harder the lead alloy must be. Our bullet alloy composition is 2% tin, 6% antimony and 92% lead.

The composition of these three base metals will not guarantee uniform bullet hardness for all bullet manufacturers as they may not be able to control the most important parameters for casting bullets. We have achieved a process which maintains constant casting mold temperature, ambient temperature and cooling rate during casting to attain a uniform consistency in hardness.

It is also most important that tin and antimony be mixed or added at the right temperature to form a uniform alloy. This can only be done by refineries using a melting vessel of many 1000 lbs, and who have the skill and experience in the alloying of base metals.

Meister Bullet and Ammunition Company purchases the bullet alloy from refineries that use melting vessels which hold approximately 36,000 lbs of alloy. The volume of the melt results in consistently well alloyed and clean ingots which enable us to cast bullets that will not lead a gun barrel.


Bullet Hardness

Many factors contribute to bullet hardness, not only the lead, tin and antimony content in bullet alloy.

Uniform bullet hardness is achieved by the art of casting, cooling and an ambient temperature. Testing the hardness of an ingot is meaningless, since its cooling rate varies drastically. Only the hardness readings on actual bullets are meaningful.
Meister Bullet hardness is:


Loading Data & Bullet Testing

Loading Data

Our insurance company does not permit us to give out loading data. We do recommend the Lyman Reloading Handbook, as well as the Powder Company reference for the powder you are using. All powder companies are eager for you to use their products. Hodgdon Powder Company is constantly adding new loading data for cowboy bullets. Alliant Powder and are also good online sources for powder recipes.

Bullet Testing

Our bullet testing is done regularly through an independent reloading company who then supplies us with written test results. These results insure us that our bullets exceed expectations.


The hardness of a bullet alone is no guarantee that gun barrel leading will not occur. Leading can be greatly reduced by using a high quality lubricant. We use a high quality lubricant made for commercial reloaders.
It works well with both rifles and hand guns using smokeless powder. A special sealant is applied after the sizing/lubing process for a cleaner shooting bullet.